In the last years, Experience Box and LostWorld Marbella have been organizing Corporate events for many corporate companies from all over Europe (Gibraltar, Spain, France, Belgium, Norway, Holland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, etc), like Samsung, Persgroep, Maersk and many more.

We speak English, Spanish, French and Dutch, and can manage events in other languages also., which allows us to cater for any kind of roup origin.

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Some of our MICE customers since 2009 :

  • SAP
  • L’Oreal
  • Ohaus
  • Sony
  • Novartis
  • Caterpillar
  • Chase
  • Nike
  • Ladbrokes
  • Bestseller
  • Euronet
  • Viajes Iberia
  • SprintMedia
  • Etc

Please browse this section for more examples and testimonials.

On top of incentive trips and team building events in Andalusia, we also organize product launches (see the Volkswagen fleet presentation in 2012), conferences and much more.

In all cases, our project methodology remains the same, based on the following principles :

  • Listen
  • Prepare
  • Anticipate
  • Communicate
  • Follow-up
  • Review

On top of our general testimonials, you can find here-under examples of clients we organized activities for :

Ladbrokes International (Gibraltar)

Kevin A.

ladbrokes logo
Caterpilar Marine

Anne-Marie L.

boat parties marbella
Nike Europe

Syreeta V.

marbella boat parties

Karina A.

things to do in marbella

Ines R.

what to do in marbella
ihi Bupa Insurances

Sisse B.

boat party
Currencies Direct

Lucia L.

party boat

Michael H.

party boat marbella
U.S. Navy

Lindsey E.


marbella boats
S|Three Holding

Tim W.

cruises marbella
All Response Media

Rachel B.

marbella party boat
Christie Digital

Clair H.

boat party marbella
Huxley Associates

Martin W.

marbella boats
Abbey Financial Solutions

Calvin T.

yaghts marbella
Pay Solutions Sweden

Kjell M.


booze cruises marbella
Excentis Belgium, telecom services

An J.

marbella party crusies
SWEP International, Heat Exchangers

Birthe A.

marbella boating party
USA Ambassy in Madrid

Claudia Y.

party marbella boats
POP IN Group, Event Management

Maria J.

party baots in marbella
Viajes ITB, DMC                                                                   .

Jesus P.

marbella party boating
Grupo Avex, Centro de Negocios

Santiago C.

boat parties marbella
Ria Financia, Madrid

Rogelio L.

marbell aboat party
Bestseller Belgium

Ilse de D.

corporate parties in marbella
Home Staging Spain

Stéphanie B.

corp events marbella
Crowne Plaza Hotel Costa del Sol

Sara G.

corp events in marbella
Alma Laser Medica España

Tatiana C.

marbella booze cruises
Cytec International

Christine de P. (Belgium branch)

jacuzzi cruise marbella
Euronet Worldwide

Yana I. (Hungary branch)

spa party marbella
Progressive Recruitment, Paris

K. Toukkani

marbella boat cruise
Corporate Travel Plus

David S.

cruising in marbella

Jan S.


cruise marbella
Everlast Water Proofing

Richard B.

marbella boat parties
EarthStream Global

Amy V.

boat party marbella
FTV Production (Nat. Dutch television program)

Annelien W

marbella party
Algut Properties / IMP Online

Elisabeth P.

marbella parties
Altegra Consulting Sweden

Niclas H.

parties in marbella
Ridgeway group

Simon M.

party organisers in marbella

Aine Goodfellow

marbella party orgnaisers
The Hideways club Ltd

Mercedes C.

part marbella